Amerae Beauty was born during the pandemic, when Rachel felt compelled to take a closer look at the skincare products her pre-teen daughter was using. As she scrutinized the ingredients, she realized that many of them were not as clean or natural as she would like. Inspired by her daughter's enthusiasm and motivated to create a line of products that they could both use with confidence, Rachel embarked on a mission to formulate plant-based, all-natural, and beneficial skincare products.


At the heart of every product that Rachel creates is a commitment to doing good for the mind, body, and soul. Her journey began with a concern for her daughter's well-being, but it has led to a range of truly amazing products that she is now proud to share with the world. What sets Amerae Beauty apart is its efficacy; these products really work!

Rachel believes that every mother and daughter should have access to clean and natural skincare products that they can use together. Her passion for using simple, recognizable ingredients is evident in every Amerae product. Above all, Rachel's dedication to quality, care, and love shines through in everything she does. That's the Amerae way!